St. Pete Indie Market is happy to announce: we're back at GREEN BENCH BREWING Co., for our Winter series (January - March) on the first Saturday of every month! In case you didn't know, we shut-down the entire street for this monthly event, and we're bringing over 100+ makers, artist(s), foodies, and music to celebrate! 

St. Pete Indie Market is now accepting QUARTERLY applications for our wonderful, local and seasoned makers and artists. 40 spots will be reserved during the months of January - March; that means only 4 applications a year, if you qualify!  (Please visit our terms at the bottom of this page).

As a featured maker you will not only have a guaranteed space for the season, but, your business will be listed on our website in a Shop Makers directory. This will include a photo-link to your website. Our goal is to direct more traffic back to our vendors, as you have all been so essential to our brand and mission. :)  

We must urge all applicable vendors that spaces dedicated to QV's are limited, and should you get denied acceptance, you will be immediately notified to apply through the monthly application. (we ask that you do NOT apply for monthly until you've heard back about QV placement)  

Should you not meet the unique requirements to be a quarterly vendor,  we encourage you to check out our monthly application page. 

St Pete Indie Market has partnered with Suncoast Compost, and we invite you to join us in our efforts to keep our markets ZERO WASTE; together we will create a more sustainable community! Please visit our Green Initiative page for up-to-date information on our Eco-rules, and FAQ's that will answer your questions. The application will ask specific questions regarding your products, and materials used to pack sold merchandise or food. 

Let's get started! 

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* Only makers and artists who have participated with St. Pete Indie Market for two (2) years or more are eligible for Featured Maker consideration. 

* All applicants understand that no exact spot each month is guaranteed.  

* All fees for the collective series are due upfront upon acceptance as a Featured Maker. 

* Quarterly denied vendors are eligible to apply again after the Fall Season. (announcements will be made.) Should you not be accepted for Quarterly, you will be notified so, and will be directed to immediately apply through the monthly application. 

* All makers and artists agree that all funds associated with this pre-selection are non-refundable, and will be due in full, by September 15th. Extension fee's may apply. 

* 10 x 10 Tents, and Mobile Vendors ONLY.